Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Life Is What You Make It

Daughter's and my trip to Italy was a Groupon.  We flew on the plane with four other couples who had bought the same Groupon.  Technically, we were on the same trip.  Yet, our trips were anything but the same.  One couple decided to use our hotel in Montecatini as their base to explore Italy's major cities:  Rome, Florence, Venice.  Another couple took advantage of Monetcatini's spas, and left Montecatini a day early so they could see more of Milan.  We explored the Tuscan countryside and cities near us.  Yet, it was all the same trip.

Saturday, I ran a half marathon.  I needed a good time in order to secure a better starting position at the Disney Princess Half Marathon (so Daughter and I could enjoy some photo ops with the characters), and I wanted to post a personal record (I did).  As I milled around waiting for the start, I talked to a number of other runners.  One was running their first half marathon, and just wanted to finish.  Another ran it every year just because they love it.  Lots of folks were trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon.     Same basic course, up and back for 6.55 miles on the C & O canal path, yet, each person was running a different race.

Life in the Trenches is much the same.  Everyone goes through the same basic process.  It's their goals that make the difference in the experience and the result.  It starts with a state of mind.  Part our job here in the Trenches is to help our clients explore where they are and where they want to be.  We have to listen to what is important to them, not in terms of things, but what they represent.   Then we help them translate what is important to them into long and short terms goals.  Their goals sometimes determine the process, but goals always determine how they act during the process.  Everyone is different, and so the process, although basically the same for everyone, is individual.  Here in the Trenches.

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