Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Laugh a little

Quick.  Can you remember the last time you laughed?  I don't mean a little "tee-hee" now and again.  I mean a real, heartfelt belly laugh.   If you can't remember, then perhaps you should become reacquainted with that part of you.   Studies have shown that the laughter can have a relaxing effect on the body long after the giggle is over.  Laughter, like exercise endorphins, go on working to relax you for almost an hour after you stop.  Laughter increases resistance to disease, strengthens your heart, and just makes you feel better.  I thought I laughed regularly - until I was watching a Golden Girls marathon.  Don't know what is was about 'the girls" on that day, but I laughed until I cried.  Afterward, I felt better than I had in ages.  Not only that, but the joy of laughing spilled over into the next two days.  Nothing bothered me.  Considering how much stress we deal with here in the Trenches, that's saying a lot.  Go ahead, "waste" some time, do something silly and laugh.  You'll feel better, and more importantly, you'll be more able to face what life deals out.

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