Tuesday, July 17, 2012

After I made the appointment with the radiologist, I showed up for my appointment.   First, the person behind the counter greeted me (don't knock it, I've been to lots of doctor's offices where the first words out of the receptionist's mouth were not "hello," but "insurance card").  Then, they took me on time.  That's right, on time.  For all of my tests.  The waiting room was large, but fairly empty - because they took people on time.  To me, it showed respect for me and for my time.  I appreciated that.  Plus, everyone was extremely professional and pleasant.   Some of the tests they did a couple of times because they weren't 100% happy with the image.   I don't know my test results yet, but I know that when I get them, they'll be accurate. That feeling isn't because I know anything at all about radiology, because I don't, but because everyone was so professional with me that I know it translates to my tests as well.  Just to be clear, I have worked with this particular doctor before, so I really do know the quality of her work, but even if I didn't, everyone in the practice inspired confidence.  That's the point, isn't it?  We go to professionals because they have the knowledge and the training that we need and don't have.  We have to trust that they know what they're doing, so that we can trust that we're in good hands and can concentrate on the things we need and do understand.  As you can see from my trip to the radiologist, building that trust starts the minute we walk in the door.  It's a package deal.  Here in the Trenches, we build trust from the first phone call until the final papers are signed.  We want our clients to feel comfortable, to trust that we know what we're doing (which, of course, we do), so that they know the things they don't really understand are being taken care of, and they can focus on moving forward with their lives.  Again, it's what we do - here in the Trenches.

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