Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Why Can't I?

Registration opened today for the Disney Princess Half Marathon....and I'm injured.  Yes, the toe and knee still hurt - a lot.  I have an appointment with the orthopedist tomorrow.  Even though I'll probably have an answer within 24 hours or so about whether aiming to run it this year is even a possibility, it was incredibly difficult not to just register today.  I mean, I've been waiting for registration to open for months.  I have my costume planned.  I discussed it with Office T (he picked the princess).  I bought the fabric.  I've co-opted friends to train (maybe even had Disney send them a reminder email).   I can't register yet, and it's killing me.   I have to wait for the doctor.   As my anxiety rose today about whether all kazillion slots in the race would somehow fill up in 24 hours, I thought about......the Trenches.  I know:  what a surprise.  I have a lot of clients who are in exactly my position with the Princess Half.  They decided to divorce.  They talked about it with their friends and family.  They dealt with it with their therapist (please let them have one!).  They told their spouse.  They told their children.  And then - nothing.  They can't find a new, permanent home because they haven't worked out the finances of being separated and divorced.  They can't date seriously because they're still married.  They can't move to the new rhythm of their lives because it hasn't established itself yet, and sounds more like my singing in the shower (not a pretty sound) than Carrie Underwood.  They're ready to go, but their trip depends on other things that haven't happened yet.  All of their uncertainty is very unsettling.  It makes them impatient and anxious and stressed, even more than having to resolve the issues themselves.  It's hard to slow down when you're ready to go fast.  Sometimes you have to.  We're here to help, to normalize the feelings, provide a time table, help focus on solutions, take away the stress.  It's what we do - here in the Trenches.

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